BMW The Reveal

BMW revealed their brand-new models during a spectacular show for more than 10.000 guests. Especially for this original 360° show, Fast Forward Events and Thomas Boets (LDP) transformed the BMW headquarters in Bornem into an elegant event-arena.

ShowTex rental installed a large amount of black Molton drapes on a circular truss-construction with a diameter of 42 m seven meters above the ground, defining the temporary show hall.

To get to the centre square unseen, the cars drove through an EasyDrape passage of four metres high leading up to the entrance, which consisted of a Rail H100 curtain track with a manually operated black Molton drape. On the other side of the EasyDrape system, a rented ShowPipe rail was integrated to create another entrance. Thanks to the curved shape of the tubes, this rail system can be perfectly combined with EasyDrape constructions.

To hide the office interior and the catering, more EasyDrape with Molton drapes was installed in the reception area. After the event, all guests could socialize amid the shown models, in a space that was masked with… again black Molton.

Last but not least, the ShowTex Rental installation team covered eight platforms with black Juncko. This budget-friendly cotton decoration fabric is ideal for one-time events and big surface masking.