BMW, The Story of Luxury

Black masking curtains

Upon arrival, guests passed a sleek cloakroom, completely made of black Molton curtains. It is always a great idea to use this extra-wide and affordable blackout fabric for stylish event decoration, a black box or neutral finishing.

Cyclo for excellent light distribution

The guests attending the welcoming reception walked through an impressive tunnel construction, completely covered in Cyclo 200 on the inside. Known for its stunning light distribution, the cyclorama ensured wonderful twinkling effects, as many lamps were installed behind it. A luxurious scene!

Temporary EasyDrape walls

But of course, the centre of appeal was the actual showroom, guests entered into via two long EasyDrape corridors, equipped with a separate passage for waiters. The temporary wall system offers endless possibilities and can easily be installed by the ShowTex Rental installation team.

Do you need even more flexibility? By combining the EasyDrape setup with ShowPipe rails, the backstage area could be linked to the showroom through a temporary portal. In combination with the black masking drapes, this ensured a stylish setting that fully highlighted the event’s theme of luxury.

One-time event decoration

While cars drove back and forth, guests enjoyed a refined buffet in the stands. No better way to hide this scaffolding structure in a budget-friendly way than with Juncko display fabric. Together with the ExpoCarpet flooring, this was the proverbial icing on the cake!

Client: Fast Forward Events
Lighting Design: Thomas Boets