MIA’s 2019

This year again, ShowTex was omnipresentat the Belgian Music Industry Awards. The spectacular show took place in a venue surrounded by temporary walls of EasyDrape finished with black masking curtains. On top of that, a Rail H100 system was essential for a smooth passage of the many artists on and off stage.

Rail H100 suspension system

An evening full of price winners requires a smooth passage on and off stage. With a sturdy Rail H100 track on both sides of the stage, your curtains can effortlessly open and close all night long. The multifunctional rail system is perfect for medium to heavy-weight curtains and very budget-friendly as well! A rental solution that mainly stole the show next to the stage.

EasyDrape walls finished with Molton

In order to mask the venue and create a full blackout effect, a temporary EasyDrape wall was built all around the site. By combining this free-standing pipe and drape system with black Molton drapes, you can effortlessly create a black box for the show to take place in. A very practical and economical solution!