About us ShowTex Rental

About us

We care about quality & safety

Our rental might be for one day only, but we want your relationship with ShowTex to last a lifetime. We’re committed to providing the best high-quality supplies and flame retardant decorative theatre and events fabrics to fit your budget and deadline, even if we have to invent them ourselves. We’re not just renting drapes, we’re here to make sure your projects are successful from start to finish!

You can rest assured that your event, trade show stand or stage decoration is in good hands. All of our drapes are certified flame retardant, and have been treated with flame retardant chemicals (FR) or were woven with flame retardant fibers (IFR). A fire-resistant certificate can be provided upon request.

We’re specialists & independent

Large or small theatre productions, trade shows, events and celebrationsl…there’s always a different set of rules to play by. We started out in the business 35 years ago and we know what to expect from each kind of production. Not only do we supply rental draperies, curtain tracks, and creative applications, we invent them in-house to meet the specific requirements of the event and theatre industry concerned.

ShowTex Rental offers the same superior service no matter what your company specializes in. With us, you’re free to choose where you’ll rent your non-decorative elements. Audio-visual, video, production companies, event planners, and small businesses. Our rental collection fits easily into any total concept.

We work with you one-on-one

We tailor our services to your needs. Do you already have an installation team? We’ll deliver the drapes and hardware you need. Or you can drop by and pick them up yourself. You can always call us for technical support or extra information. Do you want us to install everything? We’ve got an expert team standing by. Your build-up team needs some assistance from one of our in-house installation specialists? We offer customized support without the costs of complete installation so you get the most out of what you’re renting.

There are no hidden costs

Our price quotes are straightforward so you always know what you’re getting and what you’ll be paying for it. Fees for damages and handling instructions are also explained up front. Your total budget needs all the stability it can get, especially these days. Our installation costs can be charged hourly or per project, the choice is yours. Ask us about our annual volume discounts. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We’re creative

We like to exceed your expectations. That’s why we work with you from the very beginning, from concept, to design, to installation. We know our collection like nobody else and we’ll provide you with the insight you need in order to get the best out of your idea using exactly the right combination of soft goods and hardware. Just give us a try and you’ll see what we mean.

We’re International & innovative

ShowTex rental draperies and curtain track systems have travelled the world. The ShowTex Rental locations in Belgium and the Netherlands make it easy to serve nearby regions and our international branches enable us to provide rental and installation services to any address on the planet.

Our rental collection has all the basics for transforming your venue, stage or stand into something fantastic. We know that every project has its own unique character. By combining personalized rental services with custom-made ShowTex purchases, we can cover all your decorative needs. We’re developing new products and techniques all the time and passing the benefits on to all our ShowTex customers. That means rentals too!