FAQ frequently asked questions

Are the drapes I’m renting flame retardant?
All of our drapes are certified flame retardant and have been treated with flame retardant chemicals (FR) or were woven with flame retardant fibres (IFR). Fire resistance certification can be provided upon request.
How are your prices calculated?
Prices are based on fabric type, size, quantity and rental period. Hardware prices are calculated per set.
Call or e-mail a sales associate for a prompt quote. We offer discounts for large annual rental volumes.
A price quote for items is not a confirmation of availability. Please place your reservation in writing to ensure availability.
Can ShowTex rental help me with the installation?
We have a team of experts standing by to provide full installation or to assist your own installation crew, this involves additional charges. Please reserve this service when placing your order to ensure availability.
What happens if I need to keep the rental materials longer than planned?
Rental items are booked in advance and someone else may have already reserved the materials during the period after your rental. Please give us a call or send us an e-mail as soon as you know and we’ll try to find a solution.
How are rental materials packaged?
Our curtains are always delivered in a fabric sack. While the sack does provide some protection, it’s not waterproof.
Use a cart or other device when moving the sacks to keep the outside of the sacks dust-free and the items inside clean.
Rails and ShowLED starcloth systems are packed in a protective flight case.
What happens if the drape gets damaged?
Please contact us as soon as possible to report any damages.
We will repair or replace it to keep your production on schedule. All items are inspected by ShowTex specialists upon return to determine any damages.
A fee will be charged for the repairs or damage.
May I attach anything to the drape?
Please do not alter the drape in any way. Use sign hooks and other hardware to hang displays directly on the supports.
Can I use the drapes outside?
Our rental draperies are for indoor use only. Exposure to liquids or very high humidity may damage the fabric.
How can I avoid extra fees?
We recommend using clean gloves and a PVC floor cover to protect draperies during installation.
If you need assistance with rental hardware, just call us for additional technical information.
Using extra care with all our rental products will keep your fees to a minimum and ensure the items are available to rent out to the following client in pristine condition.
What’s the difference between the basic collection and the deco collection?
Deco Collection items require special care and handling. You’ll receive these guidelines whenever you hire products from this collection.
What happens if I lose an item from my rental selection?
Again, contact us. If you need a replacement we’ll do our best to find one.
If our inspection team notices lost items upon return we’ll start a new rental period for all items not returned. All material still missing 10 days after the rental period ends will be charged as a purchased item.
What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations are possible without cost up to 8 working days before the rental contract’s starting date. Cancellations made after this date will mean an extra charge of 50% of the total order.
Are delivery charges included in my rental?
Delivery charges are not included unless specifically noted on your order. You are free to make your own plans for picking up and returning your order. Please note that some orders may be too heavy or large to fit into non-commercial vehicles.
The event was cancelled and I need to return the drapes early. What is the process and what fees are involved?
You can return your drapes before the end of the contract term, but you will be charged a restocking fee. Please advise us of any change in your rental schedule as soon as possible so we can arrange a prompt return.
When should I return the goods?
Please return all rental material during business hours on the end date stated in your rental contract.
How can I reserve my rental order in advance?
You can rest assured that your order is reserved when you submit it in writing by fax or e-mail and receive confirmation from us.
I need something custom that isn’t on the ShowTex rental site, what do you suggest?
Talk to us. We’re sure we can find the right solution or come up with an alternative that’s even better. Our team works on rental and sales projects every day. So they know how to create the perfect combination for your event or show.