All products from the ShowTex Rental range are supposed to be returned in the same state as they were rented. Please treat our products with care, allowing the next user to enjoy the products as much as you did. The rented products are internally checked according to the general rental conditions.

Please observe the guidelines below when using ShowTex curtains & screens.

Hanging & installing

It is preferable to wear gloves while hanging the curtain or screen in order to protect the material. We also recommend to cover the ground with plastic film during the installation to prevent the article from touching the ground.

Moving & storing

Our curtains come in a matching cloth bag. This bag protects the article from a lot of dirt, but it does not provide full protection and it is not waterproof. Therefore, never drag the cloth bag along a dirty surface and always place it carefully on a dustfree and dry surface.

Folding ShowTex curtains

Never just push our curtains into the matching cloth bag, but carefully follow the ShowTex folding instructions. Always make sure that the ShowTex label hangs out of the cloth bag.

Folding ShowTex screens

Carefully fold the screen according to the ShowTex folding instructions. Make sure that the ShowTex label, hanging out of the plastic storage box, is clearly visible.

Avoid contact with water

Our curtains are treated with flame retardant products and can under no circumstances come into contact with water or any moisture. Therefore, always hang them in a dry space and certainly never wash them.

No adaptions

The user is not allowed to adapt, sew, staple, glue or tie the ShowTex curtains or screens. In case of questions or problems, please first contact your local agent.