40 years of LOTTO

The National Lottery of Belgium celebrated 40 years of LOTTO in style, with a beautifully decorated venue full of star curtains and sound-absorbing masking drapes by ShowTex Rental. Using flame-retardant fabrics, the festive mood for the gala and award ceremony was set right from the start.

Quickly set the right tone with star cloths

On both sides of the stage, ShowLED Classic star cloths formed the festive backdrop for the show. By dynamically covering the walls with these twinkling LED curtains, it’s easy to create an overwhelming visual effect. Find out what more you can do with ShowLED star cloths!

Perfect acoustics with walls of fabric

Did you know that dampening sound is not necessarily difficult? With sound-absorbing Molton curtains and Acoustic Baffles, the National Lottery did not only create a neutral background, it improved the venue’s acoustics as well.

Mounting the drapes and baffles on EasyDrape pipe & drape made sure the temporary masking was up in no time! Learn here how to use EasyDrape for your next dividing wall.

Organisation: Event Masters, #WeAreEventMasters
Technical production: Trimex