BMW X2 reveal

Those who attended the European launch of the all-new BMW X2 were in for a stunning show, demonstrating the care and attention automotive brands invest in presenting their products these days.

Moving screens on rollers

Six FP XL Mesh projection screens formed part of the giant box in which the brand-new cars were waiting to be revealed. The tension rose rapidly when the mysterious video mapping kicked off and all screens were set in motion using HiSpeed Roll-Ups by ShowTex Rental. As they rapidly moved up and down, a temporary passageway was created for the performers to enter the stage.

The curtain behind the screens

Behind the six projection screens, a white Satinac drape was installed to prevent the spectators from catching a glimpse of the cars when the screens were moving. The non-transparent shiny fabric added an instant touch of glamour to the setup! To make sure the projections did not reflect on the Satinac drape as well, ShowTex printed the back of the mesh screens completely black.  An ingenious solution.

A double reveal

When the moment of truth finally arrived, all projection screens simultaneously rolled up, while the white satin curtain elegantly dropped down by means of a Kabuki 50 Drop system. A spectacular effect, giving the excited crowd exactly what they came for!


Customer: Boris Agency